About Hedge Farm

About Hedge Farm

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Hedge Farm has a long and intriguing history

Once an extensive land holding later a gallery for Seeker’s memorabilia.

The property has drawn an intriguing collection of people – sheep and wheat farmers, musicians and aboriginal artists.

Part of an extensive land holding dating back to the mid 1800’s Hedge Farm was then known as Rock Hill. Several generations of the Clerk family worked as sheep and wheat farmers. Clydesdale horses played a key part it its operation and the existing hand hewn Rock Hill Stables were built in the 1920’s to house these horses.

Athol Guy (of the Seekers) took on ownership in the late 1990’s. At that time it was well known as a guest house, function centre and gallery for the Seekers’ memorabilia.

Aboriginal people have lived in the Macedon Ranges for over 25,000 years. In the 2000’s the property was opened as an indigenous artists retreat. Local aboriginal artists still talk about the special magic of the property and the ‘vortex’, which has attracted their people for hundreds of years.

The property is now a smaller holding of 20 acres and is owned by Suzi and Tony Seers, who live and work at Hedge Farm. Their commitment is to continue the legacy of the property as a unique and special gathering space for weddings, private functions and lovers of music and art.