Our tips for planning your wedding

Planning your wedding can be joy filled, or stressful! What makes the difference is mindset and organisation. Some are clear about their desires others start by exploring options. Here is our view of what to consider to ensure preparation for your wedding is a happy experience for all involved.
  1. Value for money

Wedding budgets vary considerably. With this in mind think about how to get the best value from the money you have available. Having the ceremony and reception in our one location can save travel costs and time for you and your guests. Moving from ceremony to celebrations will be a seamless and effortless shift.

  1. Your style

Your wedding day is a reflection you and your partner. The style you desire of your day can sometimes be steered by well meaning friends and family. Being patient and thoughtful when dealing with pressures to meet the needs of others is important. We will respect your vision for the day and work with you to make it happen. Our focus is specific customisation of food and beverages. Meet with us to personalise your wine list and catering needs. We can offer casual food truck options, shared platters and more formal seated courses…. just ask. No two weddings are the same!

  1. The full package

Make your wedding experience last. Your special day can go so quickly. One minute you are putting on that gorgeous gown or suit and in the ‘blink of an eye’ you are waving goodbye to your guests. Our full two-night (three-day) package allows you to extend your dream day. Arrive Friday afternoon for a relaxed wedding rehearsal and leave Sunday afternoon after a slow recovery brunch.

  1. Photo timing

Capturing the day is important – you will want to relive the experience for years to come. Keep in mind that leaving guests for long photo shoots may not be ideal. Your guests are part of your marriage ceremony and are special witnesses to your life commitment. Choosing a photographer is a key decision. Group photos and candid shots with your guests can add to those special memories. Brief your photographer carefully before the day. Hedge Farm has many beautiful backdrops.

  1. Being flexible

Having a vision of your day is important, however, weddings are like life – unpredictable. Even with the best plans in place there may need to be changes. Having a back up plan or reconsidering details may be needed. Expect the unexpected from the start will help maintain a calm and realistic mindset. We can help by offering all season and all weather options.

  1. Keeping perspective and meaning

Your wedding day is your commitment to each other via a marriage ceremony. With the focus on dresses, flowers, cake, decorations…etc…etc. It is easy to lose sight of the core purpose of the day, which is the love and devotion of two people and the celebration of this with family and friends. Keeping this mind will help to accept little imperfections. Our focus is you.